TIM Technologies is a research and development company specializing in IoT and data analytics working with energy, environmental, signage, telecommunications and other devices.


Digital Signage

Digital signage is about more than just a pretty picture.

TIM4biz.tv Digital Signage is the easiest way to manage and deploy your digital message.

Upload an image to your account and drag it to a group of screens to play on your schedule.

Smart objects such as weather and news can be combined with your play lists.

Your information is safely and securely stored in the cloud and accessible anywhere, anytime on your browser or smart phone.

Call accounting

TIM4biz Cloud Call Accounting removes the headaches that are associated with legacy call accounting software and telephone expense management.

All the major components of the system including database server, web server, report and alert servers are installed at the TIM4biz datacenter and are automatically backed up and maintained by TIM4biz staff.

Whether you are a small business or major corporation TIM4biz has a powerful cloud-based call reporting and call analytics solution at the price that suits.

Hospitality & PMS

As your guests or staff complete telephone calls in their room or other areas of your premises your telephone system generates call records.

These call records include information about the phone number called, the duration of the call and the room or area from which the call was made.

Using this information we automatically calculate the call cost, determine the guest or internal account and add a transaction to your property management system.

Telco billing

Using the same technology provided to resellers, multi-national corporations and our smallest customers we take the output from your switch and create a phone bill for your customers.

Whether rebilling internal customers or providing a phone bill to subscribers TIM4biz can turn the output from your switch into a PDF phone bill ready to be delivered to your customers.

You can customize our standard template with your logo, contact and payment details or we can create a custom output to adhere to your corporate guidelines.

Online food ordering

Simple to use and quick to setup, pickmeup.menu makes it easy to turn your restaurant into an online takeaway or dine-in business.

100% Australian owned and operated, ultra low merchant fees keeps more of your money in your pocket.

Your customers receive a text message when their food is being prepared and another when it is ready to pick up.


TIM Technologies reseller program is designed to allow your business to add a world class telephone expense management solution to your existing range of products and delivers a valuable monthly revenue stream to your cash flow.

It is ideally suited to businesses already offering telecommunications services such as PBX sales, installation and support.

As a TIM Technologies reseller, your organization will earn an ongoing revenue annuity each quarter on the commissionable amount paid by each of your clients.